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Understanding Keys 2006
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Fouls on Scoring Downs
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Automatic First Downs
Football PSK 2004
Illegal touching and OPI
Time Outs Parts 1 and 2
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Capital Area Chapter of
PIAA Football Officials
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Lightning Safety
2006 Open Book Test
First Touching 2006
2006 PSK
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On-field Communication between Officials
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2007 Interpretations and Corrections
Wrong ball video clip
Fouls in the End Zone
2007 Film
From Rich Czarnecki:

Here are the categories of pass interference we talked about during film review
on 9/13/07:

Defensive Pass Interference

1.) Not Playing the Ball
2.) Playing Through the Back
3.) Cut-Off
4.) Hook and Turn
5.) Grabbing the Arm
6.) Hindering Opponents Vision Without Attempt to Catch, Intercept or Bat

Offensive Pass Interference

1.) Blocking Downfield
2.) Creating Separation
3.) Hindering Opponents Vision Without Attempt to Catch, Intercept or Bat
2007 Open Book Test
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Overtime handout
Procedures following a safety
6 man Mechanics
6 man Mechanics
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6-man PIAA
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